An excerpt from Upheaval from the Abyss:

"The researcher's life, as I and many others have lived it, is usually characterized by long periods of repetitive, mind-numbing drudgery broken (we hope) by brief explosions of revolutionary insight and frenetic activity. It is similar to the life of a soldier at war, and-at times-can be just as fatal to the participants. . . . I believe the day-to-day human experience is as important as that of ideas, data, and debate. It adds to, rather than detracts from, the history of science. Thus, I have striven to re-create what it is like to be on or under the ocean surface, combating cantankerous equipment or furious weather in the hope of extracting a few precious observations from the deep. I have tried to reveal how some researchers struggled for years inside small labs to digest the increasing flood of information about Neptune's realm, and how others harvested the tide to revolutionize our understanding of the Earth's history."